Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wedding flowers

Everybody knows that roses means love. So roses are a good choice for wedding flowers.
Roses are elegant and noble. The color, how fully roses blooming, and how many roses-those factors all make a difference of what your wedding flower means.

In my basket of roses, I have white, pink, red and yellow roses. Although too many kinds of colors, together they make the whole room full of liveliness and brightness.

The precious thing about roses is they have thorns. Beautiful yet hard to approach, roses are only to watch far away, and you have to respect their pride and purity. The passion and flourish of their rich colors show the beauty of their lives. Every penals are opened quietly, impling the start of a rich and happy unity.

I love blue roses most, because I like the feeling of cold beauty . I would certainly have blue roses as my wedding flowers, because the blue color makes me think of the sky, that my love will be as big as the universe. The quietness of it makes me understand a perfect loving family should be simple. The mystery of blue roses proves that a woman should always have something valuable inside.

Prepare suitable roses for your most unique and romantic wedding!!